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For basic education, a variety of primary and secondary schools are available, tagged with the public , private (national and bi-lingual national plus) and international labels. Four of the major international schools are the Gandhi Memorial International School, IPEKA International Christian School Jakarta Intercultural School and the British School Jakarta. The Senayan complex was built in 1960 to accommodate the 1962 Asian Games. For basketball, the Kelapa Gading Sport Mall in Kelapa Gading, North Jakarta, with a capacity of 7,000 seats, is the home arena of the Indonesian national basketball team. The BritAma Arena serves as a playground for Satria Muda Pertamina Jakarta, the 2017 runner-up of the Indonesian Basketball League.
Using the site without changing cookies settings means that they will be posted on your end device. The industry in which NET STUDIO PHOTO & DIGITAL PRINTING operates is Lamination Service. The country where NET STUDIO PHOTO & DIGITAL PRINTING is located is Indonesia, while the company's headquarters is in Depok City. This jasa fotografi produk hourly ranking includes 25 Indonesia cities with PM2.5 AQI. It is now intended to control the exposure at a safe threshold of PM2.5 0.035µg/m³; 0.043 µg/m³and PM10 0.144 µg/m³for most of the population at normal school time. Most schools are situated in central areas and often surrounded by a comprehensive road network.

Jakarta's economy depends highly on manufacturing and service sectors such as banking, trading and financial. Industries include electronics, automotive, chemicals, mechanical engineering and biomedical sciences. The head office of Bank Indonesia and Indonesia Stock Exchange are located in the city. The headquarters of the Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Indonesian Employers Association are also located in the city.
Situ Lembang Park is also located nearby, which has a lake at the centre. Taman Suropati was known as Burgemeester Bisschopplein during the colonial time. The park is circular-shaped with a surface area of 16,322 square metres . Several modern statues were made for the park by artists of ASEAN countries, which contributes to its nickname Taman persahabatan seniman ASEAN ('Park of the ASEAN artists friendship'). Merdeka Square is an almost 1 km2 field housing the symbol of Jakarta, Monas or Monumen Nasional . The square was created by Dutch Governor-General Herman Willem Daendels and was originally named Koningsplein (King's Square).

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The project, known as Giant Sea Wall Jakarta, is expected to be completed by 2025. In January 2014, the central government agreed to build two dams in Ciawi, Bogor and a 1.2-kilometre (0.75-mile) tunnel from Ciliwung River to Cisadane River to ease flooding in the city. Nowadays, a 1.2-kilometre (0.75-mile), with capacity 60 cubic metres per second, underground water tunnel between Ciliwung River and the East Flood Canal is being worked on to ease the Ciliwung River overflows. The only administrative regency of Jakarta is the Thousand Islands , formerly a district within North Jakarta. It is a collection of 105 small islands located on the Java Sea. It is of high conservation value because of its unique ecosystems.
The Pedestrian Coalition posted on their official social media site that said the air quality in Depok reached “unhealthy” levels on the evening of July 16th as measured by the Air Quality Index . The data, which was posted by the coalition on July 17th, showed that the level of PM2.5 in Depok reached a United States AQI rating of 170. There are many bus terminals in the city, from where buses operate on numerous routes to connect neighborhoods within the city limit, to other areas of Greater Jakarta area and to cities across the island of Java. The biggest of the bus terminal is Pulo Gebang Bus Terminal, which is arguably the largest of its kind in Southeast Asia. Main terminus for long distance train services are Gambir and Pasar Senen. High-speed railways being constructed connecting Jakarta to Bandung and another one is at planning stage from Jakarta to Surabaya.

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A public asset holding company called PAM Jaya owns the infrastructure. Eighty per cent of the water distributed in Jakarta comes through the West Tarum Canal system from Jatiluhur reservoir on the Citarum River, 70 km southeast of the city. The water supply was privatised by President Suharto in 1998 to the French company Suez Environnement and the British company Thames Water International. Both companies subsequently sold their concessions to Indonesian companies. Customer growth in the first seven years of the concessions had been lower than before, possibly because of substantial inflation-adjusted tariff increases during this period.

In response to the findings, the Depok Environment Agency presented different data and questioned the accuracy of the data posted by the pedestrian coalition. A spokesperson for the agency’s environment control, pollution and arrangement division, referred to the air pollution standard index and said Depok recorded a figure of 11, which was categorized as "safe". Air quality at this level does not affect the health of humans and animals. They went on to explain that air pollution in Depok is mainly caused by pollutants emitted from vehicles and industries. The local authority regularly measures the level of pollutants from industries and officials frequently evaluate and reprimand the polluters, if necessary. But the case is different with vehicles because the level of pollution cannot be accurately predicted.
Jakarta has many of the country's best-equipped private and public healthcare facilities. In January 2014, the Indonesian government launched a universal health care system called the Jaminan Kesehatan Nasional . Covering around 250 million people, it is the world's most extensive insurance system.

At one time, it was the de facto capital of the Dutch East Indies, when it was known as Batavia. Jakarta was officially a city within West Java until 1960, when its official status was changed to a province with special capital region distinction. As a province, its government consists of five administrative cities and one administrative regency. Jakarta is an alpha world city and is the seat of the ASEAN secretariat, making it an important city for international diplomacy. Financial institutions such as the Bank of Indonesia, Indonesia Stock Exchange, and corporate headquarters of numerous Indonesian companies and multinational corporations are located in the city.
The former Batavia Stadhuis, Sunda Kelapa port in Jakarta Old Town is another landmark. The Gama Tower building in South Jakarta, at 310 metres, is the tallest building in Indonesia. After independence, the process of nation-building in Indonesia and demolishing the memory of colonialism was as important as the symbolic building of arterial roads, monuments, and government buildings. The National Monument in Jakarta, designed by Sukarno, is Indonesia's beacon of nationalism. In the early 1960s, Jakarta provided highways and super-scale cultural monuments as well as Senayan Sports Stadium.
The old port Sunda Kelapa only accommodate pinisi, a traditional two-masted wooden sailing ship serving inter-island freight service in the archipelago. Muara Angke Port is used as a public port to Thousand Islands , while Marina Ancol Port is used as a tourist port. Soekarno–Hatta International Airport is the main airport serving the Greater Jakarta area, while Halim Perdanakusuma Airport accommodates private and low-cost domestic flights. Other airports in the Jakarta metropolitan area include Pondok Cabe Airport and an airfield on Pulau Panjang, part of the Thousand Island archipelago. The city prioritised development of road networks, which were mostly designed to accommodate private vehicles. A notable feature of Jakarta's present road system is the toll road network.

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